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About us

Citrus Ink Studios is an award winning full service animation studio (VFX/3D/2D) focused on delivering the highest quality CG animation and VFX in India. Our goal is to give you amazing production quality in the shortest possible time! We've worked with the leading brands in the advertising space such as the Coca Cola Company, Nestle, Minute Maid Juices, the History Channel, Honda, Panasonic, Horlicks and the World Health Organization (WHO). We're now transitioning into working on TV series and films.

Team Citrus

We live a common dream, we are bound together by a common thread - Passion for animation is what drives us all to push our limits and break free. It is our love for animation that brings us together to deliver our best and give you an even better product, every time we collaborate with you.

We understand the nuances of modern day film making and hence your need to produce something that the world is yet to see - We work with complete dedication to make this happen.